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I am addicted, I don't know of the rest of the world. I am used to it and can't do without it. Something prompted me to flip through the English dictionary and the meaning of addiction made me love the word more, it is defined thus:The state of being addicted; devotion; inclination.

Every action we take has a consequence, too much of a good thing isn't good anymore. Addiction can be bad and when positively channel can also be a good thing. The definition as stated above is been streamlined down to my own usage because I also came across some awkward definition of addiction before sticking to this as it supports my claim, and I shall buttress my assertion with these two major scope, the positive addiction and the negative addiction.


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When you do something good you feel good within yourself. There is nothing good as the positive use of something even if it a nuclear weapon. When you are addicted to success as most important world renowned personalities, it becomes something you can't do without and it will surely reflect in your outside. I remember when Jose Mourinho was given a runner up medal in the community shield football match, he threw the medal into the crowd and when he was asked the reason for his action he said being a runner up is synonymous to failure. Another classical example is Cristiano Ronaldo, the desire to succeed burns in his blood that he most times cried on the football pitch. These are individuals whose addiction has propane them to success. They settle for nothing less than what they truly desire and it working excellently for them. I use to tell who ever cares to listen that the earth is an uncultivated piece and is just there for you to cave to your desire.

I do agree too much of everything isn't good, but not in the area of positivity. We all can not get it right, but that person with that crazy addiction to succeed does get it right 95percent out of 100percent,where do you choose to belong.


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There is an African proverb that goes thus:little feases beside a plate of beans, if I can overlook it, I can't stop pondering over it.

Nothing good has every come out of negativity, except being declared negative for ailments diagnosis. We have series of negative addictions, they goes thus, smoking, eating, masturbation, killing, cruelty,drug abuse, sadistic tendency, stealing and the likes.

Too much of everything isn't good anymore, I remember Sam Smith when I come to use this line of words. If we can do all things in great moderation the world would have been a better place, our lives would have been a better live. Smoking and alcohols has taken more lives than the most deadly nuclear weapon, sugar alone has taken thousands of souls despite how sweet and useful it is. Moderation is a key element in life and I implore us to imbibe it into our day to day life activities. The day you loose control of your soul, body and mind that same day you ruin your life.

Every moving automobile has a brake, every beginning has an end. A person who is not disciplined in this world we find ourselves today is going to loose a lot, look at the casinos and other gambling center and see how people loose their fortune, negative addiction is a killer steer clear it.


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If I were you, I will choose the positive side. If I were you, I will sow a positive seed.

In life, two things are always involve, good or bad. Let endeavour to live a positive life, I wish it could be included in the epitaph of every dead person, the cause of their death. Think about it and live a positive life. I am addicted, positively!!!

Thanks for spending your valuable time on my blog

Thanks for spending your valuable time on my blog


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Thanks so much for the encouragement, I appreciate your works.

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Addiction can be bad and when positively channel can also be a good thing.

good addicton and bad addiction hmm well explained very nice before i had wrong meaning means i was only know addiction as bad thing i didn't ever bother to check dictionary for right meaning lol well nice writeup

Yup, there are always two ways to a coin. Thanks friend.

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