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RE: 7 Sabbaths to Rapture?

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Hey. Have u tabulate the latest numbers for smartcash ? If you’re too busy to manage it. Maybe just send me back my smartcash and I stake it myself

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Hi, sorry about the lack of communication. Your smartcash hasn't gone anywhere but by all means, if you can calculate how much that you believe you earned from staking since last year, please tell me the number and I will send the total amount to you including interest. To be honest, I have been making more from trading on Cryptobridge so I won't be concerned about my own staking deposit not earning any more. The other guy only had 85 Smarts invested so he will get his back too if we break the deposit now.

I’m not sure how much I should have with you. Should be at least in then 845 realm.

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Ok. I will sit down tomorrow when I am back home at my computer and see what the account balance is. If that seems to be about right I will send the 845 Smarts to you then.

OK, so I just want to confirm that you want the 845 SMART to go back to SgVbxFqK1tFVfcS1LXLg35LQhbaZXwg8E6 I will send it when I see your reply.

send it to SZATyDWHMBw9BjDpcmiKEcDDRwXYcsD7JC

so 845 should be conservatively correct.. ..

OK, I am currently at work but when I get home in about 8 hours I will transfer the 845 SMART. It is slightly high, but I am happy to meet that amount because of your inconvenience.

845 SMART sent to SZATyDWHMBw9BjDpcmiKEcDDRwXYcsD7JC On another note, I am about to join Partiko and noticed your messages say something about Partiko IOS. If you have a referral link I am happy to join under you...

thanks.. received.. let me look at partiko referral

Signed up. Not sure how it works yet but I'll figure it out.