Less expectation less hurt

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People indeed don't have contentment. Try to be thankful for what you have and realized how blessed you are for having someone who'll stay with and support you until the end..he didnt want to make an effort in doing surprises coz he wanted you to learn and accept him as how he is otherwise give up on him and find someone else that can fit your wishes..try to grow up and do adjustment for you to fit with your partner and not making someone else do it always for you..being practical for not spending in surprises just to show off is a good sign..love should be greater than anything else in this world.

If you love someone do not expect too much in return, Lower your expectations.

If you love someone do not expect too much because there are real people or man who don't give an effort but they love you. There is a person who is not showy, who is not fun on giving any gifts or flowers. So, if you love someone do not ask anything, do not ask to love in return or anything gift from him or her. As long as you are happy just continue to love him/her. Less expectation is equal to less hurt. People nowadays are expected too much to their partner especially when it comes to wedding proposal. When you expect of course you will hurt if your expectation did not happen so better to go with the flow and do not expect for a fairytale.

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Ye, so true.. I used to believe in fairy tales but as I began to have more experience in this world, I realized, there is really nothing like that. Well, maybe there are to some. But, if you are lucky. :D