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RE: Want To Help? Donate To Free A Man From His Pain, Help Love Story End Without Pain

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A very noble thing you’re trying to achieve here, @davemccoy.
I’ve sent you a small donation, because what you say is true: this is the real world, these are real problems, so we need to take real actions.
I’ve also resteemed your post, hoping your message will reach even more people, and that we can make a difference in the lives of @briancourteau and @lynncoyle1
Hey guys, don’t be too mad at @davemccoy for putting this up. You know he can’t help it ;0)


As always @simplymike, you get it.. thank you so much for being there. I know both Brian and Lynn will be happy to know you are there for them. Thank you for the contribution, the resteem, and for the words of encouragement... It is the real world and I'm happy we could help in a small way today!

ps... lol on the last sentence!

I have no words to express the gratitude that Brian and I feel here @simplymike! For your love and support, for Dave's "noble" gesture, for the outpouring from the community...for all of it. I have been a crying heap for hours just watching this post and Dave's wallet for the last few hours. Brian and I are completely and utterly overwhelmed and shocked by it all. It really goes to show you the power of steemit, even though it takes a tragic story such as ours to show it, I hope people who think this platform is purely as self-money-making-machine, stand up and take notice of the beautiful possibilities that await those who selflessly care to see them. Thank you again for's something I will never ever forget!

There is no need to express the gratitude, @lynncoyle1. Simply enjoy the fact that both of you have made an impact here, and that are a lot of people like you guys so much that they want to help.
It’s a shame it takes a tragedy, but Personally, I’m grateful for finally seeing that the community is not only here for the ‘make-believe’ here on SteemIt, but that it is a community that crosses the borders of the platform and is more than prepared to help.

I’m so happy for you guys.

you are utterly and completely overwhelmed... sounds like a perfect excuse to drink a (virgin) umbrella drink of a beer and give yourselves a clap on the back. Because this is happening because both of you have been REAL here from the start.
I have such a deep respect for both of you.
*Make sure you pass this on to @briancourteau !!8

I've been reading all of these out loud to Brian and we both sit and shake our head, grin or start crying...again... with each new comment ;)

I have a drink beside me right now, and it's not a virgin one lol

Brian and I are cut from the same cloth; we are real and seem to strike up conversations and make new friends where ever we happen to be. I feel so thankful that steemit is one of those places! I will continue to express my gratitude for years to come @simplymike, so that's something you'll just have to get used to hearing :)

I will never get tired of that, @lynncyle1.
Happy to hear you finally got a drink. Not virgin, but I do hope it’s got a little umbrella?? 😜

I've been reading all of these out loud to Brian and we both sit and shake our head, grin or start crying...again... with each new comment ;)

Now that’s exactly why this initiative is a success. No way in the world I can imagine how tough life has been for you guys. It was about time that you had the chance to be uplifted again and spend some time on your own pink fluffly cloud 😉

No umbrella, but it is hitting the spot :)

Today it really does feel like there's been everyone here carrying this load with me and it feels nice to be on my own "pink fluffy cloud" :)