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I was listening to the Harmontown episode "Goodbye Sam" and they brought up the idea that people give off a certain vibe or essence. I was thinking about this concept and it seems that over and over again I'm pegged as "group dad" - not least because I always seem to amass some group of five to fifteen who seem to look to me for direction.

I think this can also be intimidating for others, which is isolating (I wish there were a "group mom" I could cuddle up with at night). I wish I had a way to connect to people one-on-one rather than as some authority figure. I have no idea how to do this.

Do you think we can change our essences? How do you think others see you? Are you okay with that?

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It seems that the group dad needs a group dad to give him direction. Although I'm not that one. But I can tell you this, once I heard something like "if you're the smartest in the room, you're in the wrong room", maybe it's necessary to change room, but change room is not leaving our friends and looking for more "smart" ones, but changing the way we see them and appreciate the smartness they have.

Not only do children learn from parents, but also parents learn from children. Nobody is an authority in all things. It is only necessary to see the authority that all other people have in their areas to realize the "equality".


Ha! I could always use direction.

As to changing the way I see folks, well, that's definitely part of the problem. Whenever I'm in a group I'm trying to make sure everyone else gets a moment to shine and to express their talents. The little things to make sure everyone feels heard - like if someone gets cut off, I make sure they get to finish what they were saying.

I have a hard time telling myself this is bad behaviour, but it's obviously not making me all that happy.


Well, I'm sorry I can't help you, that's all I know.

Good luck and greetings!

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