Treasures from nature: a wonderful nest

in life •  5 months ago

This morning I was walking in the little park close to my home and watching between the green grass I found a wonderful treasure: an abandoned nest! One years ago I found a similar nest ( smaller than this) under the same tree, maybe it's a freaky tree where the nests grown instead of the fruits :D

The nest was abandoned and so I decided to get it and bring it at my home, close to the other nest ^_^

I think nests are one of the best "treasures" that you can find when you walk in the nature and they are really a wonderful example of "architecture". 

The bird who built this nest used many different materials like little brounches, yarn, leaves and everything he found around. 

Now, this nest is in my backyard, maybe it will be useful for another family of birds ;)

See ya soon


silvia beneforti
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Nature is so perfect and gives us such beautiful gifts


I totally agree with you ^_^

salamat night hopefully subses

This way she is a friend the nature is very wise, and of her new things are learned every day .. on happy Sunday

Hi @silviabeneforti. It's amazing how such a small animal is capable of manufacturing with its beak, something so perfect. How much dexterity ... Hopefully serve as home to a new family of birds in your yard. Nothing like waking up every day with his singing.

Hola. Es increíble cómo un animal tan pequeño es capaz de fabricar con su pico, algo tan perfecto. Cuánta destreza ... Ojalá sirva de hogar a una nueva familia de pájaros en su jardín. No hay nada como despertarse todos los días con su canto.


Muchas gracias, @romelcordova , I agree with you: there's nothing better than wake up every day with the sounds of the songs of the birds! ^_^


CIAO, oh this is such a beautiful bird nest 👍 HAVE A GREAT WEEK and greetings to you!