The woman in the green ^_^

in life •  5 months ago

Even if I don't love so much to share photos of myself, I couldn't resist to share this pic with you! The small bamboo forest in the lands of the father of my hubby is really nice in these days and so I decided to ask to Paolo to take me a pic ^_^

Everytime I ask to my hubby to take me a pics, he's in trouble because he perfectly knows that almost impossible that I'll be happy by the result and so he use to take many photos and after I chose wich I prefer ^_^

To say him my thanks, I gave him some giant berries to eat! They are not wild berries, some years ago the father of my hubby bought some berrie plants to grow up close to his home and so every year we can eat some of these giant (and very taste) fruits. There are also some wild plants of berries, but this year (maybe because too much sun and few rainy days) they are not good as in the past years.

See ya later


silvia beneforti
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Now that was a beautiful photo! I don't like my picture either- I try to wear shades!


I prefer to see me not so close, as you can see in the pic :D Big hugs, dear friend!


But you are beautiful a bella ragazza! I know the feeling though, the further away the camera, the better I like it. Big hugs back!