The best way to end a dinner ^_^

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Yesterday night we spent some times with my dear friend Elena and so I cooked a taste dinner for her and us ^_^

She'll fly to Lisbon on the next days for a little vacation with her nephews, so we talked about that beautiful city that me and my hubby @paolobenefoorti visited during the past SteemFest ^_^

We said to her to eat the very good Pasteis de Nata and we gave her the "map" of some of the beautiful things that they have to see there, because it will be her first time in Lisbon. The best tip we gave her was: comfortable shoes! ^_^

For dinner I cooked the Parmisan Eggplant, that was really good. I read many different recipe online about this dish, but some of them are really "strange". If you want to cook a very italian dish of parmisan eggplant, you can use my recipe here! ^_^

You have to know that here is usual to bring something to eat or to drink when we go to lunch/dinner to our friends. It's a way to say "thanks" and usual the guest bring a bottle of wine or a cake to  share during the lunch/dinner.

I always say to my friend it's not necessary, because the best way to say me a thanks is their fellowship, but Elena brought a beatiful and taste cake!!

Look at this beauty:

She bought it in a famous bakery in Lucca (a nice city close to the city where we live) and it was the best way to end the dinner ^_^

Just to know, the dinner started with a taste ham! 

See ya later


silvia beneforti

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oh gosh!!! donyou still have some if that? that is indeed a very tasty way to end a dinner , wow! now i'm craving for sweets , specifically a cake 🤤🤤🤤

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This so beautifully decorated and must be very tasty... Wish Elena great luck for Lisbon..

Looks scrumptious and tasty!


It was fab! :D

nice content and nice photo