Cat's life: maybe a friendship started ^_^

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After some months, maybe my furry friend Richy (also known as Cicciogatto) decide to be friendly with the cat of one of my neighbors. Just to know, Richy is a male about 5 years old, he's neutered, we adopted him 1 year ago and since that time he's our "furbaby". He's a very quiet guy and he loves to sleep on the sofa more than to jump out in the backyard, but he doesn't love too much the other cats who use to come here from the gardens close to mine. The other cat (the cat under the chair) is a young female called Chicca:

During these days, Chicca use to come inside my kitchen and Richy (even if he's not so happy) seems to accept her presence. 

Sure, he uses to look at her like to say "This is my area, you are just a guest!", but he leave her (almost) free to walk around.

At the end, maybe Richy will play with her soon and it could be a nice way to stay in health doing gym ^_^

See ya soon and steem on,


silvia beneforti

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silvia beneforti
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Thanks ^_^

Di nulla, come sono belli da sgranocchiare i gatti, io le mie le strapazzo tutti i giorni, e l'ultima arrivata, guarda caso, si chiama proprio Chicca!!😻😻

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Richy looks like he needs to hit the gym!

True, he needs to it the gym :D
Hugs from Italy, dear Rich!!!

Hi, @silviabeneforti!

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