A pair of wings ^_^

in life •  5 months ago

Today was a busy day, but I always also spent an awesome hour with y friend. ^_^

My best friend Elena just came back from a week to Lisbon with her nephew and today we talk about that her trip there. She took some pics and so it was funny to see the same places I visited during the SteemitFest 2! Before to fly  for that little vacation in Lisbon (she was her fast time in that awesome city), we met us to give her some tips like "Use comfortable shoes!" and "You have to eat the pastel de Nata!" and we also said to her to visit the LX Factory, a very creative area where there were some events (and the Art Corner too!) during the past SF. 

So many nice memories from our time in Lisbon!!! ^_^

I love to visit cities in other countries and for my hubby it's the same. Since we married (about 4 years ago) we visited Barcelona (3 times), Lisbon, London and Paris. Just few days in every city, but always great and funny experiences ^_^ I have to say a big thanks to steemit because we have been able to fly thanks our earnings here ^_^

Visiting other cities in the world (we hope to visit soon also some countries out of Europe ^_^) give us so much energy and make us feel really connected with the world. 

Sometimes I think to have a pair of wings could be useful! Maybe it's because of this that I like to watch birds ^_^

In the pics you can see one of my "prototype": a pair of little wings on a tiny bottle. Maybe I'll work on this idea during the next days. 

See ya soon


silvia beneforti
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