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In addition to a lot of talk, a lot of thought is also a beautiful part of my life.From the angle of the wind through my head and chest.It's funny and makes me the most worried mammal in this city.I think I After graduating high school, life will be much better, not much easier, but in fact the hypothesis becomes a great zero.Life is no longer a matter of watching footprints, but it also has to pay attention to other human trajectories, or more unfortunately we have to equate the rhythm of other people's movements to balance our lives in balance with the eyes of social jurors.Every act of life seems to have because there is always a judge who judges that this self is wrong and criticized even I never understand from the point of view where good value can be achieved, minus is always there, also full of consequences, we take a few steps ago what has been built and stored a little this can burst premises n dreams. Life is not about Self-loving self is the main thing, human need other human being. That is an absolute reality. Humans need other human ears and humans also need other human mouths. Although it may be the most understandable of all things in this land, humans need other human hands. Life requires courage, which is why humans can agree to be present in the mine of this world's problems. Likewise, there is actually a reason why there is something. Not because of the peracik disease of the universe, then me. Being anything tomorrow, may I become a real human being.


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