#14 Preparing for a job interview does not have to be a nerve wrecking experience

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One of the most unwanted side affects of being a grown up is having to pay the bills. And no matter how much we hate it, we do have to get a job and be "responsible". But getting a job that makes you happy is not an easy task. We do go through at least some jobs before we realize what we want and then if we are lucky, end up having a job where we do not want to kill ourselves. But to get this job that we want, we have to go through a long process of submitting applications and proving your competence in an interview. I have seen people get really stressed out by the idea of job interviews, but does it really have to be such nerve wrecking?

"There are hundreds of articles about preparing for a job interview so what value does this one make?" Well, for starters, you all know that I moved to a new country quite recently, so I have to find a job here that I like. So, my experience with this whole process is quite recent. Also, I have appeared for 9 interviews so far and out of those 9 interviews, I have been offered a job 8 times. It may not be a perfect score, but I am quite proud of it, and that is why I want to share some of my tips for doing great in an interview.

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The very first step about feeling confident in an interview is to apply for a job that you like. Even if you do not have a lot of experience in that subject matter, desire to learn and passion for that job is as valuable to a company as experience. (Unless you have a degree in business and you are passionate about something like surgery, then I suggest that you get back to school and build a base in that particular subject matter).

Secondly, let's start by analyzing what is it that we are scared of in an interview? Is it the fear of the unknown? Or is it our social anxiety? Can it be that we are just scared of having to speak in front of people that we have never met before? It is very important to identify the source of this discomfort before we can move on to address this situation. The most important thing to remind yourself through this whole experience is that the interviewers are also just people, and the worst thing that can happen to you is that you do not get the job, but it is not the end of the world. 

What also helps is to understand that if you did get invited for an interview, that means that there is something about your resume that appealed to them. There must have been so many other people that got rejected even before appearing for an interview. So, all you really have to do now is carry that idea that they want you when you sit for the interview. As cocky as that sounds, it really helps me build up confidence when I go for any interviews.

Remember to be yourself. Does not matter what you think is wrong with being yourself, let them be the judge of how they can use your personality and skills. This is really important if you want to hold on to a job and like it for a long period of time. I remember this one girl in one of my previous jobs. She had assumed that applying for a big company means that you have to portray a very serious personality. So when she got a job, the company placed her in a department where everyone was quite serious and a little boring. But she was a really fun loving, talkative and energetic person in real life, so she really hated being in that department.

Try to have fun in an interview, try to make connections and try to make them laugh. Also remember that you can say no to a job as well, this makes you more confident and critical so that you do not end up saying yes to job where you had second thoughts during the interview itself. If there is anything else that you want to ask or share your own experiences, leave a comment below. Do not forget to hit upvote and follow me if you want to read more of what I got to say.

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