If a man says he will fix it, he will!

in #life3 years ago

Not long ago I saw this very cool poster on Facebook. I really had a good laugh as I saw it and read it, and based on amounts of likes on this picture I believe lots of other people enjoyed it as well.if-a-man-says-he-will-do-it-he-will-1-800x419.jpg
if a man says he will do it he will. There is no need to remind him every 6 months.

Why does this little slogan or saying make us laugh? Because most of us recognize this from our homes. Most of us have heard someone saying it to us, or maybe we have been saying it to others, that come on… you promised to do this a long time ago and still, nothing has happened. Or maybe we are the ones who are accused and say that we will, of course, do it very soon.

This is a natural thing, but it can cause frustration if this conversation takes place too often in our homes. Are you one who constantly promise to do something, but nothing actually happens. That can be very tiring for the people around you, and I guess you understand just as well as me that a slight change should be done. If you can not do it, then rather say so, instead of making a promise you will not be able to keep.

If you can do it, why not go ahead and do it right away to get the matter out of the world and the problem fixed right away. That sure would save some energy for both you and the people around you, because every task that is done will make you feel better and a bit lighter. After all, there are those tasks that you know needs to be done, but by every time you postpone them, they turn bigger and bigger and harder and harder. Why not just get them done and instead of feeling the weight of them upon your shoulders, you will feel the joy in having them done?

Keep on laughing at the slogan above, but maybe we could learn something from it as well?