Find That ONE Inspiration In Your Life

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As a single mom, my mother had limited choices. She took care of us. Of the financials. Of the house. And of the tiny shop that was 10 miles away. Yet living off of $100 per month in India, raising two little kids, paying our school fees, monthly bills, buying groceries, timely rent... life felt like a constant battle with us on the weaker side.

Despite the circumstances, my mother courageously moved forward, with her head held high, fighting her demons, relatives, and the backstabbers of this society. She cut through each of her enemies and broke the rules to emerge victorious.

Today, she is happy and peaceful and a landlord with 4 houses under her name, generating a passive income that's 3 times more than her expenses, and two independent houses, with mutual fund investments she doesn't keep any track of.


And it gives me immense pleasure to share this with you!

Because my mom never had any formal education, was left devastated when I was 8, yet walked the journey with nothing but hope.

Why am I saying this to you?

It's because if you look around, you will always find that ONE person you can learn from. ONE person that will teach you something in your life. That ONE person who can shower you with hope. And make success possible for you.

To me, it is my mom.

When her friends were busy partying, I saw my mom working harder. When her relatives were gossiping, I saw my mom praying. And when the entire world rejected her, I saw my mom fighting.

In fact, it is this attitude of hers that changed my life. I worked harder because of her. I aced in school because of her. I challenged myself because of her. Embraced passive income because of her. And bought residential properties because of her.


If you can forget everything for a moment and focus on that ONE person that impacts you the most, makes you happy, and encourages you...

Then I want you to think further and think of their qualities. It can be your friend, relative, a pet, your favorite actor / actress, or someone from the television.

Keep them in your mind and ask yourself:

What are his/her best qualities that I like?

Find 3 best qualities.

You can write it down if you wish to. Or if you have enough time, you can blog it here on Steemit. Doing so will help you see something that others never get to see.

Maybe you have found someone in your life smiling a lot more than everybody else...

Or maybe someone working harder. Is Honest. Peaceful. Calm. Creative. Optimist. Humorous. Loyal. Generous. Faithful. Brave. Playful. Or anything that comes to your mind.

Just. Write. It. Down.

After doing so...


Adopt it. Mirror it. And model it.

In no time, you will start noticing changes in your life. Each and every day, you think of these qualities.

For how long? The choice is yours.

Two years ago, I started modeling one person each month and have been learning something new ever since.

It has made miracles possible. And it has helped me accept new beliefs while crushing old ones. And it will help you do that too.

Plus, your unconscious mind will experience something new. You will start observing people. And you will find their qualities quickly.

Then adopt them as you wish.

This is one of the best thing I have learned in my journey of self-discovery trying to model successful people. The benefits are endless. And if you start doing it today, with one person in your mind, every month...

You are on the right path.


This is one of those articles I didn't plan to write. It just flew. When I read it to my mom, she started sharing more. Her struggles are unbelievable. I am just happy to be around her and support her.

I hope and pray you find your inspirational person right now and model their best qualities right away. After all, even if we don't know what life is, let's strive to seek positivity and peacefulness and happiness.

Everything else that comes in our way, that we don't need, we face it with courage. As my mom says: "Reject fear. Accept courage."

Happy Steeming and have a fantastic week ahead!

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Great post about a great woman. Thanks for sharing.

I enjoy you're writing style so I'll be following you :)

Good stuff! I was also raised by a single mom. And one of (a few) things that motivates me for success is being able to financially do things that make her happy she cannot otherwise afford.

Your touching post brings it all back to me, as a single parent I can relate to your mother's struggle, my children understood too. I am so very pleased she is prosperous and imagine she can now relax.

I am also raised (almost) by single mom. My father left us when I was in class 6 (now I am in 3rd yr college). When I was going through your posts, I found strong resemblence with my own mother.

She is surely strong and possess the courage to face all situation against odds. All the best to your mom. :)

Fantastic (and nostalgic) Article.

Very sweet and practical; thanks for the post!

Mom is a miracle of god. Awesome post.

Me and my sister were also raised by a single mom.. And we turned out completely fine :) I have so much respect for all single moms out there! Upvoted and followed :)

Reject fear. Accept courage. - awesome motto to life by. :)

First of all, I am very happy to see that you have got so strong willed mom. Most women would break easily emotionally in these kind of situation, if they have to go through all this alone, but your mother made it all by herself.

You have got the biggest treasure of your life in the form of your mother.
Be sure to appreciate her with the gifts of love and gratitude from time to time.

ONE person that impacts you the most.

In my life, my father impacts me the most. I always wanted to be like him, and I am a little bit like him. Like your mother, he also faced a lot in his life, but our family was there to support him always.
He never give up on anything, or on any person.
He believes that it doesn't matter how wicked a person is, he still could change, if right opportunities and guidance is provided to him. And I love him for his kindheartedness. He is the person I look forward to whenever I am in any problem.

Thanks for writing so inspirational article. God Bless Your Mother.

Great story. I'm so glad her positivity and persistence has led to happiness.

Sid, that was so touching and heartfelt. Kudos to your mom for being so strong & inspiring, and for everything she's achieved. And she'd be certainly proud of you!

Women have a very strong affection towards their children and they can go to any extent to protect them and can do any amount of sacrifice for their children. The transformation of women from a daughter to a mother is an immeasurable phenomenon vast as an universe. I have seen some women made of steel and I have a huge respect for them. Convey my regards to your mom. Cheers!!!!

my mom is my example of overcoming as well. Wow, i really love the way you get to inspire people. At least that´s the point of it. i´ma be a long-term reader from now on. Excuse my bad english, hope you followback!

I cannot relate to being raised by a single mom, but my mom means everything to me

Moms are the absolute best

Good post

I can imagine the struggle!!
God bless her!


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love you mom!!

I am a single mum and I found your post very motivating and inspiring, thank you. I aspire to be like your mum.

I loved your heart warming story, we all need someone not made to go life on our own

Excellent post! This can inspire me very much! I totally agree with you, "trying to model successful people. The benefits are endless". Thanks so much for sharing! ;)

I pay homage to your writing.
Your writing has given me a great impression

Reject fear. Accept courage.

I remember this sentence. Thank you, friend
I enjoyed watching them.

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