Behind The Quote: What's The Best Time To Give Up?

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Here's my question to you:

Have you ever tried something and the results didn't satisfy you? Or perhaps you were not even close to the results... the finish line...

Been there?

Life Is That Way

As I observe life, nothing is permanent. We all have ups and downs. I still remember, coming from India, I never had much while growing up.

We were a family of four struggling.

But you know what? We were always grateful.

I went to a school by paying only $50 fee per year - not the best school there, you know - yet I was grateful to have access to education.

I never had the luxury to travel before - and now that I do? I am always grateful.

It's not just me. It is how my family has conditioned me since childhood: to see the light even in your darkest days, you know?

Which Is Why It All Starts With Your Mind!

Suppose you are sitting alone, clueless, and I bring a truck load of bricks. What will you do?

You can either bang your head on 'em and cry.

Not a pretty picture.

Or you can do something incredibly different:

Perhaps build a house with these bricks, right?

Sure, it's not a perfect house but it's a great example to show you how our mind really works.

If you can make that small shift in our mind, to see everything differently, while hoping for the best, the world truly becomes our playground. Especially in today's time, with the kind of technology we have, there's no reason to sit in the darkness anymore.

You will find plenty of light when:

You Promise Not To Give Up!

Yep! Never. Give. Up.

Which brings me to a very interesting quote from Vitas Gerulaitis:


"And let that be a lesson to you all. Nobody beats Vitas Gerulaitis 17 times in a row" - Vitas Gerulaitis

Vitas never said he lost 16 times. He said no one beats him 17 times. Talk about putting a positive spin to life?

That's the way to live. Vitas never gave up. And most importantly? He saw it differently.

So if you have a problem today, sit down, think, and find a way to convert it into positive. Because, just doing this, will dramatically change the way you operate in life.



Nice post @sidwrites and good quote to show and think about. I look forward to more of these #behindthequote. Thanks.

Thank you! I just started and I am glad to know!

Hope to continue this as long as possible. :)

Wish you a great day! Stay in touch!

I will do @sidwrites. Take care until next time :-)

I love this Behind the quote idea, great idea :-)

Thank you so much! I will change the format in the coming days.

Not many are opening this post, unfortunately, but I am guess that's also because I am new here. Don't have many followers.

Working on that, you know! :)

Appreciate your comment.

It'll increase over time :-)
Don't be surprised to see more upvotes than views though, that's just how it works here sadly. With voting bots and everything. There are always a few active members who do read posts!

The views / bots are baffling. I guess when we are late to the party, we have to adhere to the rules.

It'll increase over time :-)

Definitely sticking around. My only intention is to contribute from the heart and connect with nice people here. Rest, the Steem dollars and everything else, is a bonus for the time invested.

And yes, I am starting to read more post and engage with good people sincerely, not just by commenting something vague. Surely enjoying the ride!

And with comment like yours, it feels home! So thank you! Appreciate it. :)

Well that is good to hear! I'm glad you're already enjoying yourself :-)

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