The way to tell people about love is to love

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The poet wrote, it is easy to say it is not easy to say. Similarly, it is possible to utter a word from Davaluvadidad that someone has passed the whole life. The boy loves the girl, the girl, or both of them both. But the words of the state may come in the face of the matter! But the time is not sitting. It may be possible to lose the reason for not being able to say that the beloved person may lose.

So do not forget the mind and keep it aside. Whether it's good or bad, there will be a result. If it is to defeat the beloved man, still the liberation gets rid of it. It may happen again, dear people might have been waiting for you to say. If you extend your hand, it will increase the two hands.

Do not think of any fear or suspicion, just tell him the words of the mind. It is not a matter of whether or not to accept your offer. But reveal to him that you feel good or have a good feeling about him. If you are able to speak directly, you will benefit and you will have peace.

Talk to your friend about your mind so that he can tell you about your mind. But do not talk to a friend of your mind about a matter that might harm you.

If you can not tell him directly, explain to him that you are trying to say something to him or you feel a feeling about him. If you can convince him about your feelings, then he will tell you the real meaning of his mind.

The letter of application is different for expressing the language of the mind. Although the letter is now extinct but you are a little romantic, write a letter. And then on reaching the friend's address. Now he can respond to your call!

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