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Me and all of you, we have to change our mind setup. If this life is a game, and I am make more and more desire. And what if my desires are not come to true ? I started blaming others. And whether I am playing game like a game. And whatever I am getting keeping it a side and moving forward. Doing work on excellence.

See the game of life like a game. Whatever is happening accept it. We are not ready to accept reality, attaching whit those things which are not always with us. If we were attached with those things which are not ours we will have lots of problems in our life. If you are drunk and fall on a road side no one will come and help you no one. It is in your hand to make or destroy your life. It is very important for us to wake you life making a promise to our self of becoming successful in life. We must not take success on our mind and also at the same time we must not take failures too much.

We have to take responsibility of our life and not to put responsibility to others. We have to find some very unique in our self. And this will come from your inner soul no other person will come and tell you this. Your success is in our self only.

So try to find which help you to grow and which make you successful in your life....

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Very inspirational post.


Thank You @sayeds1956

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Very Informative post @shyamydv I Just Tolk With U Can You Give U r Contact No. Plz


Sorry @paddya you can connect me of facebook as Shyam Yadav vapi and thanks for showing your interest in my posts....

Lighten up, simply relish life, smile more, laugh more, and do not get therefore excited concerning things.