Organisational Behavior and its key element

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What is Organisational Behavior ?


Organisational behavior is a branch of social science that seeks to develop principle, thought that can be applied to influence individual as well as group behavior in positive way to attain objective of an organisation.

In other words, It is the study of understanding prediction and control of human behavior at work place to archive goal of an organisation.  

Key Element of Organisational behavior :

  1. People
  2. Structure
  3. Technology 
  4. Environment

People : 

People includes work as a manager we have to deal with,

  • An individual who has been assigned task to accomplish
  • Dynamic relation between colleagues.
  • To study group.
  • People who are outsider.

Structure :

It refers to the formal relation in an organisation.

Structure includes,

  • Jobs and its designing's.
  • Task and its significance's.


Technology :

It refers to the machinery process, level of knowledge, skills require to transform the input to the output. It is dynamic in nature. In order to improve efficiency at individual level or organisational level. We need to latest technology.

Classification of technology -

  • Long link Technology
  • Mediating Technology
  • Intensive Technology

Environment :

Environment refers to anything which surrounds us but in terms of organisational behavior environment is nothing but related to Employee, goal, strategy, policy, management, competition, supplier, customers, etc.

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