Attitude | Component and factors

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Attitude refer to the tendency to respond of an individual toward certain object, situation or event. In attitude both believe and feelings  of an individual are involved.In other words, Attitude is the combination of believe and feelings of an individual towards certain object, situation or event.

 It is the mechanism through which an individual express his or her feelings towards certain object or situation.There are feelings and believes that determine human behavior. Attitude is the combination of believe and feelings that individual  has on about certain object, idea or event. It reflects past experience, shape out behavior and provides essential services for those who hold them. It is relatively stable in nature. 


Components of attitude :

  1. Affective Component -> It involves feeling and emotions of an individual towards certain people, idea or group. eg -> Our emotions.
  2. Cognitive Component -> It derives from knowledge of an individual towards particular object, people or group. eg -> I have never seen a person like you.
  3. Intentional Component -> It refers to how an individual behaves in a given situation. eg-> He should have kind hearted towards poor peoples.

Factor that affect  formation of attitude :

  1. Social Learning -> It refers to attitude learn from others.
  • Classical Conditioning -> It acts as base fir attitude formation. It refers to one stimulus regularly process on another.  eg -> preference, priority, Prejudices are outcome of classical conditioning.
  • Instrumental ->  An individual expresses his idea on the basis of right or wrong. It is common among a individuals to provide reward for right action and give punishment or discourage wrong action.
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