Talk To God First🙏💚🙏

in #life2 years ago (edited)

I've been contemplating on some serious things happening in my life since day one of this rainy days. It is getting into my nerves. I have tried shaking it off but its getting stronger. It lingers more and more on me. And I couldn't help but cry out to God at night. When everyone is already fast asleep. I haven't been sleeping well recently. And to conceal my present predicament from my family, I do all household chores that I can before going to work. I make myself busy and busier as possible. And when I'm at home, I turn on the laptop and play live love party zumba. I can still handle this. I know I will soon overcome this. Its just the weather promise.💪💪👍👍


Thank God for the distractions like my work and my friends' unplanned invitation from time to time. I take all the opportunity to go with them. Atleast I don't have to stay home doing routine activities. My youngest once saw me crying silently at night. I thought she was already asleep.

"Mommy, are you crying?"
"No, baby I think my eyes are just tired reading tonight. Come lets get back to sleep."


Patted her back and rub gently until she was fast asleep. This is just me really. I just want to plead from all of you to not get tired of fighting back whatever that is bothering you. Find time to keep yourself preoccupied and make yourself busy. If you can no longer handle it, talk it over to God first before going to your friends and family. Usap kayo ni Lord muna. Atleast si Lord He will listen to you without judgement. Nothing will surprise Him anymore because He knows you well and love you unconditionally. That is what I do. Praise God. Love you all sweet steemians.💚

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