Gone Too Soon😭

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Depression is real. And it kills people in a subtle way. I don't know what and how to feel and how to go through about this day. My phone's been busy for hours. And up to this posting, I still couldn't believe that my cousin is gone....forever.💔 I pity him because he died alone inside his room. With nobody with him, not one, not even his only son. I don't even know his favorite color and if he'd love to have this photo of this yellow flower if I had the chance to give it to him. My heart was still heavy and my eyes were bulging when I saw the screenshot of him hanging. 😭 His mom (my aunt) is on her way here to decide when and where to bury his body. Some of our batchmates have called me and given their condolences and all. I still couldn't believe that he did what he'd been telling to his closest and one and only trusted bestfriend he had...to kill himself.


Thank you for all your condolences and prayers. It is indeed a very heavy feeling for me and for his bereaved family. Too many questions, blame game. No use anymore, he's gone, he's dead, and he did it...killed himself finally. 😪 Wish I could turn back time.🙏


Hello lovely lady,

I'm so sorry to hear this sad news, suicide has never made sense to me, those left behind always look for answers that are even harder to find and/or accept once you get them.

Sending you the biggest bear hug I can.

God bless you and your wonderful family.

I am so sorry for this very late reply Ms. Frostyamber. Been real busy to other platforms and not as active here as I used to mam. Sorry and thank you for your love🥰💚🙏 God bless you more mam.🙏💚🥰

No worries at all, I know that life is getting more and more hectic and the days are flying by before we know it. You're most welcome lovely lady. 😊

thank you Ms. Frostyamber. I really wish I could stay longer here so busy with modules and online class I need to assist my youngest. God bless you mam. <3

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