Let's Talk: Mistakes

in #life5 years ago

  ”If you don't learn from your mistakes, then they become regrets.” - John Cena 


Legitimately one of my life heroes. 

Watched him as I grew up and his message “Hustle Loyalty and Respect” shaped my attitude and crafted the mind-set that I have today. 

 Hard work doesn’t guarantee success but it does guarantee growth.

 Hard work guarantees a result better than the guy that decided to sleep in an extra hour.

 And good God there will be mistakes along the way. 

The path to glory is never straight forward and as life goes on you’d be hard pressed to find a time when everything was perfect.

 Just reminisce with yourself.

 Was your first kiss perfect?

 Mine wasn’t it was a mess! (: Head moving left, right up, up down, down.

 Is your relationship perfect?

 Mine isn’t! Hell no! But that’s life and through the mistakes you become stronger!

 In one of my earlier posts I spoke about the principle of living YOUR life. Never having to ask “what if?” If you don’t learn from your failures, your f**k ups and your embarrassing moments.

 Then and only then do they become regrets. In my opinion a life without mistakes is a life not lived.  Even when you try your hardest and you put in 100% effort you will make a mistake. Sometimes it will mess your day up completely, sometimes it’ll be the catalyst to an awesome moment. It’s accepting those mistakes and learning from them to become stronger. 

We grow from our failures and we grow from our mistakes. So never be afraid to completely f**k up! So Steemers…Take that risk and learn win or lose it doesn’t matter.

 Grow from it.