Be the change you want!

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This is something my mother says a lot.

In part this is in reply to a #frot blog today. And in other ways a key life lesson.

I found myself disillusioned in the united condom of rain and misery, not just working 60 hours a week, not just the horrendous traffic to and from work, not even the ever increasing surveillance by the state, I mean fart on the street and pull a funny face whilst doing it and chances are someone is watching you on a camera.

Even the seemingly constant rain can be put up with, though when you blend all the above, plus many many other horrible side effects of a multi cultural experiment gone badly wrong, the UK became hell for me, and my friends, most if not all have left the UK for more fertile grass, you know, that grass on the other side of the fence!

I can't is banned in my house, and replaced with I can.

With that in mind that I was brought up with be the change you want, I was and am, when I left the UK, I tried Malta, Tenerife, Southern Spain and Asia, all with a view to moving my small family to there, Asia was out of the question due to schooling and food, Spain went well for 6 months (on my own) though my ladies refused Spain for many reasons, Malta was a no go as it is mainly a holiday resort, and the same goes for Tenerife. So I find myself here in the east, happy and contented, I like my lot, my home, our little corner of the world we call home. There is always the easy option of staying put and complaining about life, it is boring though, and makes for very boring conversation. Echo chambers of bored people, drowning sorrows in the pub every day, it is as good as life gets in some parts of the UK.

Being aware of all the problems in the world, writing about them and talking about them, in no way makes a miserable fool, nor a worried one, fear comes from being scared, and being scared to me is for children adults should realistically have nothing to fear. My good lady sometimes goes on one, one of them moods where she does not want to hear anything real, where she would prefer to bury her head in the sand, arse up, though like I say to her, talking about it is not wallowing, it is only being aware, and no matter that you can not change it, the more aware people the more likely we are to change it.


In reality nobody is perfect, and we all have our down side.

That maybe so, though we also have our light hearted side, our compassionate side, and our beautiful side, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and one mans garbage is another mans gold. Nothing is lost in life for communicating with others, even those who we may not agree with!

One thing is certain in life, we all all going out the same way, and with the same amount of "things" IE nothing. When is my expiry date? who knows, and to be honest who really cares, every day above ground to me is a bonus, as one day the lights go out for ever, and as I am not depressed or suicidal, I prefer the lights on, and to annoy you lot on here with my twice daily posts, you miserable buggers you. :-)

So in essence, we are the change we want, and we are all special (some more than others (joke)) Is that allowed? to do a box inside a box? who cares lol.

I would love to still be that arrogant ignorant 21 year old that thought he knew everything, that thought he was immortal, that rode around at 160 mph on 30 - 70 mph roads, without a care in the world, but hey, we all get old, if we are lucky enough, so enjoy it we must, be the change you want!


Verdict = Live it, love it, though try to change it, buried heads in sand do not work


Your honor I object!


Nobody asked your opinion you overpaid tosser!

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There is one standard phrase that I have always liked, I don't know who first said it or where the quote came nor do I care about any of the facts of the matter for it's origin.

"We have nothing to fear, but fear itself"

There really is nothing to be afraid of, I don't and never have understood why people fear change, fear new ideas, or fear speaking up. I can understand people not wanting to change, to not embracing new ideas, and to not wanting to speak up, however if the reason is out of fear then I don't understand and never could. If that makes sense.


It makes perfect sense to me, and I feel the same, fear is for fools, and only fools have fear.
Those in power, you know the EL-ite play on that fear, to maintain control, I am glad you are not one of them, those that fear.

Nice picture


Nice comment.


I try to keep it friendly with the new peops, no point in getting angry with them, enough other people do that. :-)

This is what came to mind reading this post. Monty Python's Always look on the bright side of life. :) let's all enjoy our day's while our lights are still on.


Classic tune, I used to play that as my last song when I did a bit of dj for fun in my local pubs, I used to do it for free beer in 1 pub, in another I did it to keep the locals from going into town for the landlord, it was superb, taking my own gear and records to be paid for playing my own music. :-)


Haha to good mate :)