I need your advice on a personal matter that is destroying me

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My father spent all his possessions on himself only and on his friends. He spent nearly ten million and sold all his possessions and bought possessions for his friends and did not want to give us anything. Now he has a million left with him. A car instead of giving you something and I want to enjoy my money and the rest of my life and he told me to leave the one you love, I do not give you anything
As for my older brother, he is an exact copy of my father, greedy and corrupt.

As for my uncle, he made my father sell him everything with little money because he wanted his children better than us.

What should I do? Do not marry the one I love in less than a year, so that she does not marry someone else, knowing that I am a student in an engineering college and I am short of one year to graduate and one year for the army؟؟؟