Dubai DESERT SAFARI makes +1 to the lessons learned in life :)

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Hi again, you must be wondering how desert safari ride can teach anything about life :) WELL!! i was in Dubai two weeks ago and had an awesome adventure with the safari ride and i must say one must never miss the chance for this adventure!!! what it has to do with life is my own perception and i would like to share it with you :) and to let you know i am too afraid to be on any roller-coaster ride or even safari ride :D


the ups and downs in the ride are like the ups and downs in life :) there is always an option that you can go smooth and don't take a risk on climbing the dunes!! the question is what's the fun in that??


when going up on a dune you always wonder if the car will be upside down on the other side, or you will have one of the best drifting experiences of your life. and that is what happens when you take a risk in life :) but even if the car is upside down, isn't this counted in an adventure ?? lol

once you are climbing on the dune there is always a surprise what will be the depth on the other side but no one will know unless one climbs up. if you never try, it is a 100% failure !!!! ready, set and go !!!


above all, no matter how the ride of your life goes you will always have stories to tell. it depends on you now what kind of stories you want to make :)

here come the shots while riding :D




just to give you an insight i have a shots from my cell phone but please ignore the bad quality because it was hell of a bumpy ride :D just like our lives :D

hope you like them :)
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Thank you :D

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I used to take my car to dry lake beds but with the fine dust it would get into everything, drove me crazy so i stopped going. Is dust and fine dirt something you need to deal with after these excursions?

yes it is the same here :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

haha @shehryar113 I like the look on the camel's faces as you are driving past. They were probably thinking 'crazy tourists'!

they wanted to be on the ride as well haha :D


Very interesting post.

thank you :)

Photography was better suited as main category. Or travel may be. It matters what your main category is. Repost same content with different tags and you will see a difference. (Some topics are more popular than others).

Upvoted this.

thank you :) will look into it

stunning !!

thank you :) you should also go there :D

That's a nice post!

thank you @adil :)

Sounds like you had a good time. Something awe inspiring being out there in a sea of sand. Did you come to an oasis?

sadly no oasis :) but they have made camps in which there is free food and belly dance for the tourists :D

That sounds like a great trip. Belly dancers are very talented and entertaining. The desert is beautiful.

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