The truth about LOVE in the modern world.

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Just lovely!

We humans cherish love and everything around it. Many live for it and many also die for it. We seem to hold a special place in our hearts for it, we like to think that love is something special, something absolute. Our entire society is based around love, we are always reminded to love through music, media and advertising. We even worship it through occult ceremonies, weddings. Oh, how very, very beautuful love is...


A love industry?

But let's hold our horses for a minute, I'm not here to preach about love being wonderful... Wasn't love just a chemical reaction in our brain that forces us to breed? Why are we still so obsessed with it in the modern age, when we have so much more to live for? Have we all become slaves to the love industry? Yes, a love industry, there really is one...

This is how it operates: Before maturing, we spend our time in the fields, soaking up nutrients, we are like farm crops. Our entire young lives are filled with us being told to become bread one day. By the time we mature, we WANT to become bread. Everyone becomes bread, for one not to become bread is "unnormal". When the time comes for us to finally enter the factory, we are so very eager and blindly stand on the conveiour belt. We are deeply happy to get processed and cheer. We're finally baked into bread. And that's it... You're just bread now, and breads have a very short expiration date.


It's not so lovely now

I find this to be horrendously wrong, I believe love is a very important part of life. But not something of utmost importance. I find love to be more of an accomplice, a passenger in the car of life. One's life must also be fulfilling from other aspects before letting love near, as love can easily jump in the driver's seat and slowly make the car break down. I see love as a crutch for personal development, it hijacks lives, it makes many people settle down early. And once you've settled down then you won't care much for progress. It's now all about happiness and the now, it's the death of all ambition.


This might be your only chance...

What I'm trying to get across in this post is that you shouldn't fall victim for the love industry. You should NEVER try to find love or partnership, you MUST chase your ambitions instead. Only then will you find true love. You can really have both, a filling career and good relationships. You don't have to settle down because of fear, if you live life to the fullest then you will find the right person. Don't become another miserable sack of shit who just has kids and leads a shitty career. You are basically doing nothing at all this way. Live the real way, because you may never know... This might be your only chance.

So please, be mindful about your life...

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Love the post - Great content - Great Pictures and the perfect outlook !!

Great article and layout. Love has been industrialized and we should move toward a more organic understanding of love. One that originates from identity and an authentic sense of self-worth.

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