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Back then

Leaving a legacy used to be great, it paved way for civilization. It was very important to leave stuff for your children, because it created stability and built the first political structures. But just because something worked before isn't a good enough reason for not trying anything else.



The concept of legacy nowadays is just archaic, we just have kids to give them our shit. Our lives should just be focused on the individual experience and not on shit. The worst part about this is that the majority of the people having so many kids don't even have lots of shit to give, they do everything the wrong way around, they have more kids in hopes of them getting shit for them. But most of the time the kid consumes as much shit as it can create before fucking off to live by itself. That clearly doesn't work, the need for shit is simply just too great.

Changed world

The world has changed very much, it's not necessary to have hordes of people in the fields slaving for food, technology has fixed that problem. You don't need a big family to manage all aspects of your monarchy state. Big families are more of a burden because there is no room for anyone's privacy, people are always together and we all know what happens when people are together all the time with no breaks. They get miserable and maybe even murderous. Yes, kids are beautiful and great, but we should really start thinking because it's a morally disgusting thing to burden people with a horrible existance.


Wasteful existance

The majority of the world's problems lie in the fact of there being too many of us. We waste so much labor and resources on the sustanance of us, we cultivate endless misery while raping the planet. Just think about working on a grand project up in space, building wonders or doing something colossal which would be discussed in history books forever. But no, we instead plan endless projects of where to house the next generation. We design piece of shit luxury products, which own no true value. This overpopulation just makes our civilization rot into more and more depravity, look at how miserable we already are...

This is a vile problem but must be addressed, I beg the Steemit community to spread the word and influence people to have less children. We can't become a slave race where the value of the average person is close to null. Everyone, please hold off on breeding so much, it's not that hard. You'll have my full green light when we reach galactic colonization status.


But do keep on Steemin', for the love of god get the word out!

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