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Product photography is most important for eCommerce store owner. high-quality images of every product is key of success.
Organizing a product photo shoot can be difficult for the first time, But the more you practice, the more things will go level of ease, let’s take a look at how to conduct a successful shoot.



You don’t have to buy a high budget camera or lenses. You can can start with any normal camera or mobile. I am using low budget camera Nikon COOLPIX L820 for my product shoot.


Choosing your background is very very important because it will helps in post-processing. You can mount a white paper from the vertical to the horizontal plane. we should avoid the sharp edges of a corner where light bounces around because it makes difficult to capture depth and contours in the background. you can also buy some craft paper and mount it over a table. White backdrop is is important for good results.



Lighting is one of the most important for good photography. Natural light is best. Place table next to a very large window for good amount of light and soft shadow. Never use direct sunlight, it’s too harsh and will create dark shadows.For artificial lights you can use two identical softbox.

                         Image processing:

mostly lighting or the background are not perfect so and editing is required. Post-processing can be used for background removal, color correction, mannequin removal, and shadow additions for realistic look. DSCN3020.JPG

                                      My few click:

These photographs has taken by me for my company Fashius private limited for uploading on Flipkart and Amazon eCommerce website using Nikon COOLPIX L820






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i brought a box off of amazon.com what helps with product photography. im sure a regular box with the insides painted white and a cutout in front would make a great product photo box.

Hahaha, I also brought box from amazon.in but it does not work good as expected, I am using regular box with the insides painted white, It works great.

The simplest of "softboxes" can be made from just hanging a translucent fabric in front of a wash light, or even a basic light bulb. All you need is to diffuse the light. My mother takes professional-level shots of her ceramic sculptures with a basic frame made of PVC with lycra stretched over the sides where she has light-sources.

yeah, agree! people usually buy items online because of the photos we see that attracts us, as buyers (aside of course to the details of the product). it is like a food in a plate, it should be palatable in order for you to taste/eat. you got my vote for this post, man! cheers!

Waooooo before i reas this post i thought that i needed a profesional camera but now i can to start to publish my products, thanks a lot my friends!!!!

hope you won't mind my suggestion. but whenever i shop online for bags and wallets, i would also want to see what's inside as much as possible

I have Approx 13000 Belts and wallet photographs, I have shared few randomly. Thanks

I'm interested in photography in this couple days. and I saw some hacks or DIY for making the image more authentic with cheaper materials. Just like what you did. Hands up for making inspiration to others who have passion

You are skilled man ... impressive work.

Thanks Brother

appreciate the photog tips! the thing is that we do not need to spend on high-end gadget just to capture a great photo. I had an idea then for my wishful online business soon! thanks a lot!

Downvoted for disagreement of rewards. This post should be worth about 0.01 rather than 337. That's just my assessment of your really boring content.

I am sorry if I disappointed you, I will work hard to share better content next time about product photography.

I totally agree! The photos really matter when shopping online!

Photos are really important when shopping online, including images inside.

Great work! Good quality images attracts their buyers, really.

Nice article for beginners like me :) thanks for this great info... more power!

Nice! Product photography is very essential because these help the customers to decide whether the item is good.

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Thanks for your tips and advices! I'll surely keep this in mind. :)

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I used to buy items from Amazon and what interests me when I buy first is the look. it does matters so this is a good tip to e-commerce store owner and online sellers. customers like myself are captivated by enticing photographs, but hey don't forget about the good quality yeah? I only speak for myself here, ok? lol!

Indeed! I totally agree, my sister usually shop her things online and I can see how high quality images attracts their buyers.

Amazing Photography

good job, bro! this is a bright idea that people in the e-commerce must know. it'll be a great help!

I like your post so much you will work hard

you have skills bro. can't wait for more photos of your art :)

some of the online shop had a not so good quality of photos. but this one is crystal clear :)

Good quality photos will definitely have an advantage in eCommerce. Thanks for sharing.

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Great article! You don't need to be rich to do a great job!

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