The Evidence

in #life4 years ago


I get stupid when I look at you.
It’s really that bad. Recall the curb
I missed while walking, my over
-sized grin, words hitting the lip
my feet missed, me falling back
-ward with every kiss except
the fall is only visible in my mind
and you have some idea of
the power you wield but not much
or you are kind because you do not
push me when I’m already stumbling
unless your arms are open, soft
landing, my heart tumbling into yours.


nice poem.. i used to right some poem when i was in highschool but i am not that good.. so i quit. But for now I love to do it again by writing poem base on my daily lives.
hope i carn learn more from you.. i give you a follow please give me also,

hope you can make me grow

I hope you do push yourself to grow by writing poetry, @adwayde. I will be over to visit your profile soon!

Hi beautiful lady, .. lovely speech and thank you for share....!!!

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