Relationship Goals

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Is it greedy to want you to think of me one quarter of how often I think of you (which is, honestly, less than when I breathe or open or close my eyes)? I want to, every now and then, exist for you in the mirror as you style your hair. I want you to pause as a smile twists your lips. Not for longer than a split second, a squeeze of lime, a sneeze but gently. I want to be a reason you light up. I want to be what you are to me. Not everything. Not even most. Some. Part. Bordering on necessary, but not the breath. Better for having. Yours. Someday, beloved.

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Love do conquers all.. it is best felt when the love is returned..

Love how you structured your poem. Keep it up! ⚘


I just love how this reads ❤.

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