Mom on Call

in life •  3 months ago

I had to clear my energy today with a good sage smudge. I have been on call full time for the last two weeks as my eldest transitions from homeschool to public school.


He’s doing very, very well, but he is also deeply anxious. I have sat with him every day at the school, sometimes with his emotional support dog in tow. I have watched him struggle, seen the practiced, cautiozus non-reactions of the staff trained to support him. It has both filled my heart and made it echo.


My beautiful child. It’s hard to see him hurting, but those eyes say so much.


I am exhausted AND I will continue to show up, be on call, support, congratulate. He’s doing better tab I know he could. For this I am grateful.

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I am so proud of you and Noah ❤. You've got this.