Civil Disobedience ♫

in #life5 years ago

Civil disobedience is the greatest and brightest response and the strongest province of the mafia system that does not listen and do not see.
The genius of civil disobedience to stay in the house and boycott all aspects of life from buying, selling, administrative transactions, transfers and paralyzing everything ... will be the strongest response from the people to the state of discontent and tension reached by the situation in the country.
Civil disobedience is the father of all kinds of boycotts. This is what makes the failed regime hysterical and fearful because they prefer protest and chaos. They find justification for the use of violence and oppression. The culture of boycott and disobedience has no solution but to admit failure or escape.
The proof is that their slaves and Shiites have launched campaigns to fight the idea of ​​disobedience and to discredit it and distort it from its peaceful course

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