Finance and Investing in Under an Hour ...

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Would you like a crash course in finance and growing a business? How about making sound investments that will get you to a cash - comfy retirement?

Finance and Investing In Under an Hour

I came across this video by William Ackman while researching investing on YouTube. It’s a very simple explanation on how to finance and grow a successful business.

Who is William Ackman

William Ackman is an acclaimed value investor. I first came across him while I was watching a documentary called - “BETTING ON ZERO”

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In this documentary William challenges global nutritional giant Herbalife, stating that it’s the largest pyramid scheme in history. He was shorting their stock and has spend a lot of on resources backing his theory.

I enjoyed the documentary. Many years ago I was introduced to Herbalife and was briefly involved in their operation. So I could relate to some of what was said. However, It was good to see different points of view on who and what Herbalife really is.

You can view this documentary on Netflix …

Looping back to ... Finance and Investing in Under an Hour … Enjoy!


Being an entrepreneur for 15 years now I thought it was pretty much the simplest explanation on what a business should be and how to view investments …

I hope you enjoyed it ...

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