Top 3 secrete of Skin Brightening Naturally

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Hello steemit friends how are you all we are going to introduce some natural thing which are top 5 for best skin brightness in the word .it has not side effect.
There are Much benefits of papaya for our skin.Take One slice of papaya (mashed),One tablespoon of yogurt, One tablespoon of oatmeal and take One slice of papaya and mash it with the help of the fork.Add yogurt and oatmeal and mix it as well. Apply this mixture on face and neck , massage very gently do not rub too hard. Avoid getting the scrub on the area of your eyes. off the mask,Clean your face with a soft towel-

2-Almond ![11-Simple-Face-Packs-Using-Multan.jpg]
Both Almond , milk powder are packed with antioxidants, fatty acid, vitamin & minerals which are necessary for skin.
Take three Almonds and soaked these overnight, one tablespoon milk powder , one half tablespoon honey, half tablespoon lemon juice fresh . soak almonds overnight. Peel outer skin of almonds . Take almonds, milk powder, and honey and lemon fresh juice. Grind them in the blender properly . Make it thick like paste not watery. Apply this paste on face and neck. Leave it for Half an hour minutes. Wash it off with warm water face with towel.Do not forget to apply moisturizer after that.
3-Egg .
Take one full egg , potato juice, tomato paste. Mix them together Properly , you get watery paste . Apply it very carefully to your face & neck, let it stay for 30 to minutes and After that wash your face and apply a scented moisturizer, eggs

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