#HHG12: The burning example of kindness

in life •  11 months ago

Kindness is so important element for human being. Which makes us great human. This one is my first entry for ##HHG12.

Bangladesh is a developing country now. But we have many problems or lacking. We have so much people also. But the heart of Bangladesh is so big. We love the entire human in the world. We do the hospitality by our all of ability.

The Bangladesh government gave evidence of kindness.

The Rohingya people, the most oppressed population of the modern era. The Myanmar army and rakhayn’s peoples were killed many rohingyas. They rape women. Which is so inhumanity and this is the outline of their inhuman behavior.

In all of international news media released news of this inhumanity. How they kill innocent peoples.

Humanity weeps here silently. In Myanmar ethnic cleansing campaign, millions of Rohingyas are crossing the border and enter into Bangladesh.

Here Bangladesh has shown the behavior of very good humanity. Bangladesh has provided shelter to these oppressed people in their own country and behaved friendly.

Whole of the world know that. And many countries have praised Bangladesh. The government of Bangladesh is still helping them.

Please pray to almighty for these oppressed people.

It is a burning example of kindness

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You got a 16.67% upvote from @bid4joy courtesy of @shariif!

Yes @shariif, Bangladesh has been very kind to Rohingyas Muslims. He gave shelter to many people their, how can we forget this? I salute Bangladesh for this great job done by them. Excellent job! Thank you Shariif for sharing this with us. Take care and stay blessed!


Thank you @shanu for your kind support to Bangladesh. Please pray for them to almighty.


It’s my pleasure. Would pray for them Insha Allah!

All the world feel sad for the rohinga muslims. International court should be do justice for them by giving hard punishment to the criminals. Bangladesh government took a great step to give them shelter and set an example of great heart and kindness for human being.


Of course, You right said @aaarif. They have to punish hard. Because, they have committed crimes against humanity.

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

this is a great kindness from bangladesh to the ethnic spirits. may bangladesh become a peaceful and prosperous country. I am very sad when I heard that his ethnic spirits were tortured, they had to get out of his country must run away from his place of residence. a few years ago hundreds of ethnic spirits were also stranded on the coast of Aceh and until now they still live in Aceh. hope they live happily.


Thank you @polem, for your good concern about Bangladesh. Really This is so sad that they have been get out from their own country.
All of the human have right to live with happily in their own state.

Hi @shariif, Greetings from #HHG12! Let's pray that this inhumanity will end and that kindness will win. Kudos to the government of Bangladesh who show to the world Humanity still exists. May the country will get more blessings for its kindness in this story. Great sharing! Stay Blessed!


Thank you @ainie.kashif. Kindness always will win.False or wrong always fall down.

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Hi Shariif, this is such a sad story, but one with hope and a story of humanity. We all condemn this story which creates human suffering and instability. We are thankful to the Bangladesh government for great interventions.