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RE: Maintaining Balance

in #life3 years ago

@jeremyc - i think it's a matter of recognizing your energy levels and capitalizing on them. i'm the same way when it comes to writing. if I leave it till the end of the day/afternoon I won't be nearly as productive. It's great that you're balancing writing with physical work outs! Do you have any suggestions for at home work outs? Also good luck on your adventurous project!


Absolutely agree. It take s a certain level of consciousness to recognize where you are at energy-wise and to take advantage of it in the moment. Definitely a powerful skill!

In terms of at-home workouts I would check out Scooby on youtube. He has a tonne of great exercises you can do at home!

Let me know how it goes :)

Ditto on that!

Thanks for the recommendation, I'll take a look into it and let you know it goes :)