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Greetings All,

Today I am feeling blessed and thankful for everything that I have. I am still struggling to survive here and it's a daily grind to meet all my basic needs, but I am healthy and I am thinking clearly.

I have everything I need already, there is nothing outside myself that I seek to bring me happiness because if that's the case, I will be constantly chasing things that will never satisfy me.

I have a nice place to live, a car, I eat organic and healthy food each day. All my money goes to my basic needs and I have very little left over, but I'm not dwelling on that.


My sweet little kitten, keeps me feeling happy and relieves my stress. He brings me so much joy, I love him like I would a child. He is my baby, I have so much love for him.

My family is always there for me and I can count on them if I am ever in need. I love my family so much. They are so smart and helpful, the best people I know.

My job is tiring and hard work, I shovel horse shi* because I suffered an anxiety breakdown and I could not continue working in a stressful job. I don't focus on what I do, but I love to be around the horses and looking after them. I even get to ride them, so I love that and I'm very thankful.

I can express myself freely and speak my mind. I am not living in a country that forbids it's citizens to have free speech and I can openly criticize the government here and tell the truth. There are no bombs being dropped on me and there are laws that protect us from violent crime. I pray for those in war torn countries and for those who are suppressed. We have a duty to help them.


I can move my body freely and I love living in my body. I really love myself and i'm thankful for being me. I feel I am very beautiful on the outside and inside. I love my tanned skin and my strong body and long hair. I love being an Indigenous Woman, I am so proud and thankful I was born into this culture. We need to learn to love ourselves and feel good about ourselves.

It took a long time of healing to gain self-love and acceptance and i'm so happy i'm in a better place now instead of hating myself and wanting to be born into another body. I was taught to hate myself growing up and it really damaged my mental health.

I am a strong person and I will stand up to anyone. I have no fear to die and I have no fear of anyone or anything. I love being fearless and strong minded.

I don't believe the lies that we are fed and I see through the illusion. I am so thankful I am intelligent person who is not pushed around by dark forces that try and control us. I'm glad I know how to maintain my health in this sick world filled with chemicals .

I'm so glad I don't go chasing lofty dreams and I don't waste my life running around in circles getting nowhere. I don't want to be better than anyone else or have more than anyone else because we all deserve basic human necessities and a good quality of life. If I had lots of money, while there are millions suffering, then I would spend my money helping others in need. It is not right for a few to have so much, while millions have nothing.

I love the fresh air we have here and nature and I will appreciate it while it lasts. I enjoy each day as if it were my last.

Kind-hearted sweet people are so wonderful. When I meet them I am so thankful.

I am thankful for everything I have because I have everything I need already, health, a clear mind and a loving heart.

Have a Sweet Day,

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Glad you are able to cover your basic needs in this world as many can not even do that.

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Yes, i'm very thankful for being able to survive. It's so upsetting when I see people around where I live, barely hanging on, begging for food and having no place comfortable to lay down at night. There is a place in Vancouver, called the Downtown Eastside and many Indigenous people live there. It is out of a horror movie, there are so many people in pain, who have been abused, and are suffering immensely. I cannot believe this is going on in a country that has so much wealth and not to mention that this is the Indigenous land here and now we are shut out and living on the margins of society, while all our land is being exploited and so much money has been made off our land.

They flooded out my ancestors graves, and made a hydro electric dam and they have just recently constructed another project on our land that is causing lots of pollution, but the company makes billions. We get $500 per year for everything, it is very depressing if I dwell on it, I try not to. It's hard to understand why we as a so-called civilized society allow people to suffer and live a miserable existence, when there is no need for this whatsoever.

This is a choice we are making and it doesn't have to be. In university, I learned that if the top 5 multinational companies gave 2% (relatively close to that) of their income, then it could wipe out world hunger. We have constructed a society and world that is based on inequality and abuse. I went through a really dark period where I could not take living here and I was so depressed and miserable I wanted to die.

Right now, i'm feeling better and i'm getting stronger emotionally everyday, but it's still a battle. I don't want to feel powerless against all the corruption and it's hard to see our earth getting destroyed in the name of greed. It's really hard to see Elders or anyone, living on the street, cold and hungry, that is so hard, it's very painful. How can we treat people like that. If you speak with them, you will find out they have endured horrific abuse in their lives and they are doing the best they can.

I don't have much, but I have my health and a mind that knows what is going on around me. I'm thankful i'm not caught up in the lies and propaganda, like so many other people appear to be. How is it in Australia, in terms of homeless people? I bet there is still a lot of racism against the Indigenous people. It's terrible that in my country the government has taught the public lies and hateful mistruths about my culture and society, in order to justify the theft of our lands and resources. They are doing nothing to reconcile the inhumane actions against us because they know if people knew the truth, then everything that the government stands for would come crashing down.

I just want a simple life where I can provide for my basic needs myself, where I need very little money and I having no negative impact on the land. Right now, I am caught up in the system and a slave to it in order to survive. My goal is to be self-sufficient in 5 years and healthy and as strong as ever, surrounded by animals and nature and friendly kind-hearted people.

Have a wonderful day @j85063 and thanks so much for visiting and for your support :)


Australia is much the same with homeless people etc. I hope you make your goal in 5 years or less. Stay strong and slowly work more and more of getting out of there system :)

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Thank you so much for writing such a inspirational post, we can learn lot of things from your life.

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I really appreciate your kind feedback @hemantrg and it's so nice to hear that I am starting to express myself in a meaningful way. That means so much to me. I love learning from other people and it's helpful for me to believe that i'm not sure what's going on, and I can always change my mind on my beliefs as my awareness increases and expands. I have a lot of emotions and ideas inside and it feels so wonderful to be able to express myself freely without fear of judgement. It's always so awesome to connect with people like you, who are supportive and kind-hearted. Have a good one :)

Glad to read your positive and gratitude filled thoughts. Be yourself within yourself. That's all that matters :-)

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