Finally Out: The NYSC Camp Tales Begin

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When I got to Camp, I thought it would be easy for me to still keep posting here on steemit but... as you would have noticed from my '16 days strike', the Camp arrangements didn't fare well with steeming.

Guard!!! Guard Shun!!!

So, I got involved in many things, starting from Day 1 when I got selected into the Quarter Guard.


The Quarter Guard Corp members are the first set of Corp members that any special guest gets to see on Camp.


At NYSC Orientation Camp, #Umunya #Anambra, I was the QuarterGuard Commander.
This means, I got to welcome the special guests who came to Camp, The Governor (represented by the Commissioner for Youth Empowerment and Chairman NYSC Governing Board, Anambra State, Bonaventure Enemali), the Director General of NYSC, (also represented by a top official from NYSC HQ) and one other top official from Abuja.

It was also the duty of the #quarterguard to raise the flag every morning at 6am and take it down at 6pm. Which makes me begin to wonder why Nigeria wakes so late and sleeps so early and why it does this with a lot of charade (alarms and attention) 😂

Apart from the cracked voice and initial terrible pains, this part was fun.

I became an SDG volunteer and then an Instructor.

I've always been passionate about the Sustainable Development Goals and so, when the chance came, I volunteered. The volunteers were trained and I can say now, that I'm an SDG advocate and an instructor.
For a brief moment in Camp, I got to teach a little on what we got trained on.

(Here's a peek, you can learn on Digital Skills via a Google Sponsored program, here,

And then, the SDG package is here,

More stories are coming up with time.

Yours out of Camp, ☺


Congratulations to you dear!

Corper wee ooo

It's ONE not WAA though we use military term and it sounds like WA
it's corpers WE are ONE