My numismatic adventure №11 - Norway 1940

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WW II coins:

The coin itself

Norway 1940 (KM# 385) 1 Krona - Copper-Nicke (7.0gr) ; mintage - 3,890,000 ; My valuation - 5EUR
Obverse: IMG_7847.jpg Reverse: IMG_7848.jpg
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A bit of history

Having maintained its neutrality during World War I, the country was occupied by Germany during the whole war period, up until 1945.

Although neutrality remained highest priority until the invasion, it was known that Norway, did not want to be at war with Britain. Norway managed to negotiate trade treaties both with England and Germany.

In spring, British plans for an invasion of Norway were prepared, mainly in order to reach and destroy the Swedish iron ore mines. Germany invasion of Norway was also planned for April. Prior to the invasion there was an agreement between some leaders of the Norwegian government and the German government, that Norway will support Germany if it didn’t invade, but that didn’t stop the invasion.

The economic consequences of the German occupation were severe. Norway lost all its major trading partners the moment it was occupied. Germany became the main trading partner, but could not make up for the lost import and export business.

Combined with a general drop in productivity, there was a scarcity of basic commodities, including food. There was a real risk of famine. Many, if not most, Norwegians started growing their own crops and keeping their own livestock. City parks were divided among inhabitants, who grew potatoes, cabbage, and other hardy vegetables.

My thoughts

This one is a tough one to judge. A lot point to agreements with Germany and the axis side. The government in place had lots of internal cracks and disagreements, which led to the long occupation period, but potentially saved many lives.

At the same time Norway did deport Jewish citizens to Germany…

There were both parties who supported the occupation and a big resistance. Troops fought on both sides. Although those fought on the ally side were officially in exile.

The coin is widely minted and yet again has value only when found in good condition. I think it is fair to judge that all coins of that age are fairly the same – have a high value, only when are in good condition.

The market is strictly regulated and people grow their own food. It’s fair to assume that things were bought not only for coins and money, but that people, also traded goods directly. Prices did increase in those years and coins like this had a much higher psychological value in my opinion.

We can see the whole in the middle of the coin. Many countries tries to save on metal in that way, by making the coin lighter.

French troops in Norway – Norway, 1940


All photos of coins are from my own collection

Historical source 1 ;

Image source

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Thank you so much for this post ! Good article ! I will follow you !


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it

Well this is certainly a nice continuation from the post of yesterday as I am currently i Norway ) What a nice looking coin too, resembles very much the French coin I told of you yesterday ! Norway I know greatly suffered during the war and the older generation do not like much to talk of these times. As many very bad things happened here from all accounts ! Especially for the beautiful blond haired blue eyed " Nazi dream " which were the Norwegian Women ! Again a coin which has passed through history and contains a strong souvenir in energetic terms from this ! Love these posts,keep them coming @serjandmyself )


haha, what a coincidence about your location! Let's see if I can keep guessing, where you at next time lol

Yeah, its was a tough choice for Norway


They were not given much choice, it was capitulate and accept the loss !! I am sure, how can we truly say as indeed we were not there and these times are locked in written events, old films and maybe too these coins you show us here ) Good to remember the past, to be able to see tomorrow ! ) for now i am in Norway, but we will see if i move you can guess by showing a coin of the very same nationality, would be a good feat if you could manage that ; - )


Sure, I guess a lot during the war happened out of the fact "do it or else"... sad ofcourse. But I think, we as humans, must always accept our history if we are to move forward (I guess sometime its being overused by certain people, which is bad) and to be happy as a whole =)

nice iniciative. the story of the wold is the story of money.



I see you caught that one =)

Really enjoying your numismatic adventures, thanks for sharing your collection and knowledge of the time and place they belong to!


Im really glad you like those! Hope you keep on reading