From GOLOS with love or where have I disappeared to?

in life •  2 years ago

Hey guys!

Some of you have asked me why have I stopped writing on the platform, and to where have I disappeared.

As most of you know, the Golos project has been launched a few weeks ago. And apart from being a very active member of the project, life has turned this way, and I became the Project Manager of Golos.



That means that I am working full time for the project, and together with the other team members we are developing and getting first results done, for the project already.

Right now we are working on getting our "business" plan out for the next 6 months and finding the right people to work for the project.

I would like to say thank you to @testz @fuzzyvest as it is thanks to them that a few years ago I became part of the bitshares community, then Steem and eventually Golos.

I would like to also thank the whole community on Steem for being such a great bunch of diverse people and I hope that our future work on Golos, will benefit Steem and all the other Graphene based projects out there.

P.S. A big special thanks to @steemychicken1 , for the technical help he is been giving me in the last few months. And a big thanks to all the English speaking guys that have helped us during the launch @anyx @arcange @abit @pfunk @roelandp @someguy123 @smooth (sorry if I forgot someone).

P.P.S. It doesn't mean that I will stop writing on Steem. It's means that I am concentrated on Golos more for now, but I will still get the time to post some of my personal work here too.


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Good luck! You're doing some great things :)


Thanks mate!

Good luck with the project! I am sure they have put the right man for the task!

I'm voting actively on golos as well and will probably open a curation trail there too at some point. :)


Looking forward to that!

I find it hard to invest time looking into another social platform now, maybe one day ill come and make use of my golos tokens :) all the best brother!


Thanks man. I hope you will pop in to visit us, after all, its the same family =)

Well done on this. I'm enjoying my time on Golos immensely. Very exciting to be part of something so new and innovative in a country with such untapped energy. Onwards and upwards!
Resteemed of course. Will we be getting a 'ReGolos' option?


Of course, there will be one after the next hardfork

Missing your posts but all the best on golos!

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I'm researching poetry and now I'll have to look up the Golos project to see what's keeping you from writing it ;)

Great project, Удачи!!

Really wanted to be posting in both platforms when it first cam out but it is just hard to make the time, especially because I don't speak Russian :p All I managed to do was create an introduction post but that took a very long time with google translate!


Don't stop trying )


I won't, I just need to find a new method for translating. I can always just post my English music there, since music is universal ^_^