@senzenfrenz will be back soon! Several things to do:)

in life •  7 months ago

Hey guys,

as I was getting married I had a lot of things to do, preparing all that stuff for our party, buying my wedding suit and much more things that I will be probabaly telling you in upcoming posts. Also, I will be back doing my weekly openmic performances, DIY stuff about cars and other technical things, steemit-silver-round unboxings and whatever:)
So I hope you will excuse my abstinence for almost one month by now, which truly is the longest time fully not in touch with steemit. I had other pleasent things to do:)

See you again, soon,


(me at the cathedral, waiting for my bride. I will have to ask her if I am allowed to publish some pics of her, too:)
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Beautiful young man

Congratulations, my friend!

Busy guy. Congratulations