in life •  last year

This afternoon, my husband congratulated me on reaching 1,300 followers!

I remember what it was like in the beginning, a couple of months ago, wondering how other Steemians may view my content and it has been an amazing ride due to my followers who take the time to read, upvote, comment, and resteem my content - the ultimate compliment.


I wish you many blessings on your Steemit journey and hope that you reach for the stars @senseicat

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Excellent work. You deserve a celebratory robot dance.


Sweet enviable dance moves Bender!

Hey there :) I just gave you a follow
Follow me back you might like my posts and if you do don't be shy to upvote them all ;) haha


Awesome, thank you and I am following you too!


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Congratulations to you for good achievement on steemit.


Thank you for words of kindness @adesojisouljay


you are a wonderful person


That is really sweet of you!

With great pride I can say, that I am part of your followers .. Thanks for the support.


That is awesome and I enjoy following you too!


Thank you .. A big hug, it's a way in Venezuela to say thank you too

Interesting good.


Many thanks!


You are welcome

selamat [email protected],semoga jaya selalu.

Good post @senseicat

Thank you for visiting my blog and you have upvote my post @senseicat... Hopefully always succes in steemit

This is great !!! Congrats :) - @splendorhub


Thank you so much and congratulations to you on your tremendous success. I am following you!

i just follow you ,you are awesome

Let's party ....

Congratulations my friend also one of your followers is also a friend, success is always hopefully steemit friends triumphant


That is really touching that you took the time to share that with me. Thank you so much and best wishes to both of you!


Together friends, thank you also have followed me back and thank you also for upvote him ..

Thank you so much time @ senseicat you have visited my blog and upvotenya

Bender is great and so are you


Wow, thank you! You have some interesting illustrations.

First of all I want to say thank you for upvote my post. I follow you hope you follow too. Thanks again and Congratulations..


You’re welcome and yes, I am following you and enjoyed your photography.

@senseicat Thank you very much for this very interesting message and thank you for voting in my post about if we are addicted to technology! really helped me a lot and more than I am new.


It is my pleasure and I could relate to your message.


just visit on this link and watch if u can just help her she is in big problem https://steemit.com/charity/@sharolyn/i-m-facing-a-problem-i-need-your-help-to-solve-it

Felicidades amigo @senseicat por excelente post


Thank you so much. I appreciate that!

good on you i do the exact same thing, cheers :)


LOL! That is me following you.

I say congratulations
also, thanks for following me, it actually gives a Minnow like me courage and self worth.


Yes, keep Steemin and develop your unique style.

It is not easy to reach 1300. Congratulations, that is due to effort and dedication


Thank you so much and I love your photography in beautiful locations!

Congratulations @senseicat 🎉💜🔥💚🎉💜🔥💚


Thank you so much @innerstellar.


You're welcome!

congratulations to you @sensiecat, because you have received a lot of followers, and success is always for you, very much support you here.


Thank you and many blessings to you and your family @jasonmunapasee.


your welcom.
I also really need the carpentry from you @sensiecat.

Amen. Thank you so much


Thank you @wealthinme and love your name!

Wow..your is grabbed something fantastic.
I like it

Very good.
Congratulations for you,friend..

A remarkable achievement.
Success to you

Hi @senseicat,
I want to congratulate you on achievement, it's high and difficult to reach by people like me ...
I hope to achieve success like you ..

Congratulations my friend..
Success for you.

Very great man.

1300,,,, Congratulations and thanks @senseicat

Congratulations yes @senseicat!

I add,, participate you order to add friend and your followers, I follow @senseicat, follow me 😇

Congratulations and thanks @senseicat!

let's have happy my friend @senseicat has reached followers 1300, let's sway

I take husband @senseicat Yes, join congratulate hehe

Thank you very much. I've followed and upvote you. please follow me back and upvote.

Thank you so much

Thank's but upvote @shifaadi mr. @senseicat I like you

Amazing post mr. @senseicat nice you post

Thank you for everything. Do more such useful posts!

have a good day.

congratulations on the milestone-reaching 1300 + followers... now the road to 2,000 begins !

following those that follow you is a great way to support one another on this journey that we are embarking on-together let's form a movement!

All the best,

Cheers from @conradsuperb

Congratulations on your milestone
Although I came across you few days, but taking time to congratulate you on your archivement here on steemit.
Best of luck and success #togethernees

nice vidio I am sick

Nice you post and good job

Congratulations on that steemit milestone! You are an inspiration!

I also congratulate you on achieving 1300 followers for you @senseicat 😁😀😀

this might be an experience for us beginners

I love that thanks for the post


That’s great, thank you so much!