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Hello fellow Steemians,

It would be very interesting to know about the thoughts and feelings of other steemians who are steeming and working hard to make this a success for themselves.

This is a great platform and a revolution in the social media & networking world. There are many things happening within steemit that will make big changes in the future.

Some examples of these changes are;

  • A steemit park

  • Contests

  • Conferences, meetups

  • Steemfest

  • Applications, games & bots.

  • & more

These changes will help Steemit become better & stronger and who knows it could lead to a bigger change in the world.

What good things havehappened since you joined the platform?

How do you feel about the platform?

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Todos los dias pienso y pienso cual es mi tema para hoy que articulo voy asubir estoy haciendo bien las cosas etc etc. ha llenado mi cabeza de ideas¡


That is good.

I'm new here but I instantly noticed that people clan up and upvote friend posts no matter what is being said, just to get steem (you vote for me and I will vote for you)... People who whore themselves for upvotes and so on. All we need is some hookers and some strippers : )

There's a guy on here that is so greasy, he will say anything and post anything because he's part of a clan. I can't stand his voice or his face ! (hehe) He's got a YouTube channel where he blathers on as if he is an expert for hours at a time...

What does that say? It says that even steemit can be a trolls paradise... I don't even invest a dime in steemit because this place can become a shitshow overnight... there isn't that many people here but soon as the word get around it will become a swampit instead of steemit... Just my observation.


It does tend to feel that way at times. Especially when the minnows are not getting much attention or upvotes. I think there are plans by steemit to try and address that issue as well as other projects. It should be the community who should be actually fixing it. I believe the HF19 was supposed to help the newbies which worked for some time. I have written about the same issue in the past and about people being demotivated to post because of the low rewards.


I've been a web designer and marketer for well over 15 years now. On one the filthiest, volatile, and cut-throat sides you can imagine. I see this site going right in that direction. Once a site gets over run with bottom feeders it's very hard to clean up the mess they make. I've seen very profitable message boards get destroyed in a matter of months. This is no different... I could probably have a dozen different accounts by the end of the week.

How can you maintain integrity of the domain when people are openly exposing it's weakness? I could dump holy hell on this site and get a dozen of my friends to help me. Well there you have it... It's already begun. There is no doubt that people are already doing it. A dozen accounts can turn into a few thousand followings.

I see people on here literally begging for an upvote. And then there is the sexy porn side of it, with women posting half naked pics to get votes from lonely men. In reality it's a man posting pics of his girlfriend or some hacked photobucket account. All that is very real and happening right before you now.

Maybe I will make a post about it, but I don't want to be a shithead and spoil everyone's mood.. : ) It's interesting none the less.