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At what point would you call yourself poor?

It is unfortunate that many of us have to go through a lot of things. Many do not like to come out and tell others about their problems or issues. Some like to hide behind closed doors or the smiles.

Many of us have bad habits which bring them down, this is usually overlooked because of fear or wanting to stay inside the box because they are comfortable.

This is a very sad issue to come across. Nobody likes to be in this position but not everybody gets to choose the position.

I could keep writing about this issue but my main question for you all is that at what point would you call yourself poor?

- When you do not have enough to pay your expenses?

- When you do not have enough to purchase basic necessities?

- When you have $1 in your account/cash?

- Other

Poor people are usually humble.

Keep Steeming, keep succeeding!

For illustrating purposes:
A picture here shows the division between the poor and the rich. So close but so far.

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