Why Fridays Aren't The Answer

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At the end of the day the problem with most people in the world is that they live for the 10 percent. You want to live for the 90 percent not the 10 percent. Confused much? Read on...

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Most of the world are thinking about Fridays and how much they hate Mondays. The majority of people are thinking about that next vacation. Ultimately your life is just about the 90 percent. My mom used to say about food, it doesn't matter what you eat 10 percent of the time, it's what you eat the other 90 percent of the time that kills you. It's not like eating a little bit of candy or have an ice cream every once in a while really affects your health, but if that’s what you’re eating 90 percent of the time, believe me, you’ll have problems. I read that the average American eats fast food, three days out of the week, that's crazy. Then when they're at home, they're eating processed food and junk food.

Most people don't realize, the primary way you create wealth is not by some little side investment in real estate or some get-rich-quick scheme. At the end of the day your main career is what has the highest likelihood of bringing you wealth.

If you look at the Forbes list, all those people were focused on the 90 percent. The world wants to distract you with things like holidays becasue it’s good for the gift card companies. They distract you to convince you that the 10 percent is what's important.

Forget about the 10 percent, forget about Valentine's Day, which is coming up soon. I see people freaked out every year because they don't have a date or something on Valentine’s Day. I'm like, what about the other 364 days of the year? Who cares about Valentine’s Day. People get super excited here in Uganda for stuff like Labor Day weekend or Hero's day, they go party so they can forget their job and all their other worries.

You be different, focus on the 90 percent. Who cares if one day a week sucks, as long as the other five or six days go pretty well. It’s pretty logical, but it's almost always forgotten. I find myself forgetting this little 90 percent adage so I thought I would share it with you.

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Now take five minutes and think about your life and how you can apply the 90 Percent Rule. What’s an example where you’ve been thinking too much about the 10 percent and not enough on the 90 percent? Could be career, health, love, happiness, whatever you’re doing.

Stay Blessed,


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we all need to live 100% of our life