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So what's the best daily routine? This is my tip of the day. People ask the question all the time, “what's the most productive daily routine?” So, life should be about the Four pillars of the good life: Health, wealth, love, and happiness. So you should do it in that order, you know what I mean?

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So basically wake up, do health first; work out – get in your weights, get in your cardio first 'cause life's nothing without health. And secondly, go out and make some money; wealth, career and that's gonna take the majority of your day.

Third, evening comes around, love is about your social life so, like tonight, I'm going with my friends to a restaurant; They're going out of town so socialize at night.

But then fourth, happiness. Sigmund Freud said, "It's hard to know the purpose of life but if you look at the behavior of humans, it's obvious. People seek to be happy." But when you get happiness (the fourth pillar); if I get in the first third – see happiness is a byproduct of the first three (health, wealth, love and happiness). You get that – things start to fall in place. Lot of people see happiness directly. I think happiness is like a cat: If you try to go after it and pet it too much, it doesn't want to be around you. Happiness comes when you're not seeking it. Now, I will add: with a good daily routine ... I vary it up. I think there's four personality types. I have this system called Pase, P-A-S-E, (practical, action, social, emotional) people. There's different types of personality and for me, I'm action oriented so if I do the same daily routine, I get burned out.

You know, these are the things they should’ve taught us in school. Not this reading, writing, arithmetic; how to be productive; how to overcome procrastination; how to have initiative – people have a hard time getting off their butt. You might have an idea in your head; you know you'd make money but can't get the drive. One thing I'll say to that: on your daily routine, you should be 50% introverted – 50% extroverted. Most people are either too introverted or too extroverted. I always say, look, it wasn't even me, I think it was Descartes or one of the great philosophers said, "All of man's problems would be solved if they would just sit in a room for ten minutes and think deeply."

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So sometimes I'll take a yellow notepad ... There is a guy I know who makes crazy money, like 7 million UgShs (Its a big deal in Uganda) a month net and he says any problem he has in life, part of his daily routine is to sit in a chair with a yellow notepad, brainstorm out twenty solutions. People get caught in, "Do I change jobs? Do I start my own company? How do I start investing?" And then they get stuck right there and you have to sit; ask them what I mean by being introverted, you know?

Peter Drucker says, in a great book by the way, Managing Oneself, he asked, "What made Mozart, Beethoven, Leonardo Da Vinci, different?"

Some of it was IQ, they were very smart but he said, "They have the same 24 hours in a day. They managed themselves." So you have to know how to manage yourself and that's what daily routine is, managing oneself, you know? And that's a good metaphor for life: sometimes you just miss – even layups. So you step out to the three, keep shootin' like Kobe.

So then M.J., Michael Jordan mindset may be not just the greatest basketball player but the greatest athlete. I never saw Michael Jordan get discouraged. Ever.

And if you can be less discouraged than most people, you'll go a long way in life. Mark Cuban played a little one on one for charity. He said, *"In life and business, you only gotta win once. So you miss all these shots, you hit the last one – that's what people remember." Kobe's game in like 2000, (I forget what series) didn't do well but he hit the last game winner. That's what they show on the replay, so.

You'll mess up your daily routine. That's the other thing: if you mess up your daily routine, you get outta whack, go on a trip; travel; reset. You gotta travel too as part of your daily routine.

Anyway, I gotta go. Good luck on your daily routine.

Stay Blessed,


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Life is wonderful journey.don waste it.doing whatever you want.go on your way

Inspirational words. This is surely a way for someone to live each day with a purpose.