The Predictors Of Success

in life •  7 months ago

Sometimes, you're going to get overwhelmed in life.

Not a big deal.

Welcome to planet Earth. Relax.

In fact, I was reading an interesting book, which talked about what are the predictors of success, and they went back to high school, and they basically found ... You know how you say the word, "The cool kid in class," it's not cool what you think about that's envious, that's an enviable trait. It's not cool, like who wears the best clothes. It's cool under pressure.

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Like I said, sometimes, people, we get messed up because we have this expectation that life's supposed to go smoothly. You want to build a business. You want to make money. Some people think as if it's just a sequence, like a simple puzzle you put together. This piece, this piece, and it all falls together. That's not planet Earth.

Planet Earth is a world where if you can stay cool under pressure, things eventually fall into place, but never quite as expected. Don't forget what planet you're on. You're in a world where physics is at play, a world of diseases and sicknesses and bad people, and so it's just par for the course, par for the course.

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Stay cool.

More importantly, Stay cool under pressure.

Stay Blessed,


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