Nostalgia vs Ambition: Which One Would You Chose?

in life •  6 months ago

Have you ever been going about your usual routine and then you see something or hear something that takes you back to those days when you were younger and almost every minute was about having fun and playing games with friends. Yeah, me too!!. There is nothing fun about growing old, right? But I wouldn't have it any other way.

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The challenges of life have taught me that regrets only cause more stress and you know...those illnesses that come with the old age; hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimer's, prostate cancer... to name but a few.

So those memories of days long past bring nothing but an unfailing sense of ambition to prove to myself that there are more fun days ahead more so filled with abundance in terms of money and friends. Yeah, I said it. Money. Now, this is a touchy subject altogether.

Money is what pushes many people to do what they do day in day out but only a few will admit it. Anyway, I will dwell more on it in another post.

Back to the matter of the post. Nostalgia is defined as the sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past. That is according to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary (11th Edition) whereas ambition is a strong desire and determination to achieve success/something.

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Ambition is a feeling I think every man should have at the core. We should actually be measured by it. Simply because I think without it we are not living; we are just alive. Think about it. Without the ambition to make it in the modern world, you are as good as dead. People always associate with good things. You may call it whatever you want but it is what it is.

Without a strong desire to achieve something, life is aimless. Where you are and the life you have right now is an exact mirror of what you think you deserve whether you like it or not.

With this in mind, think about how your life would be if you have the right ambitious mindset. Remember we are all living our ambitions. That is a fact.

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A story is told when an Audi stopped next to a bus in traffic and nostalgia and ambition exchanged glances. Metaphorically of course. I found this intriguing. It is the best example I can think of.

Now you can choose which of the two you wish to live. Nostalgic minds dwell in the past, down memory lane. That place can be equated to a comfort zone. The comfort zone is the nicest place to be in but nothing grows there, sadly. On the other hand, ambitious minds look to the future with boldness and as the common adage goes, "life is what you make it".

No one knows what lies in the future but we can dictate where our lives should go by the small decisions we make every passing day of our short stay here on earth.

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