Living Large and Productive: A Life of Meaningful Existence.

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There is an invisible thin line between living and being alive. A line that few know about. Many a time we are born, go to school, get a job, get married and die; that’s the end. Few among us challenge the status quo and set their own rules by which to run their lives.


Sometimes, this is so because the people who try to do so are shunned and face resistance usually from the people around them that they care about and listen to yet if you look back on human history, it is such bold people or as Steve Jobs called them, “square pegs in round holes”, that have been able to advance humanity through leaps and bounds of civilization transforming our world into the one we see today.

Humans are the only creatures on earth that are able to contemplate their existence. To squander such a gift of nature is a direct insult to the abundance that is in our world. The least we can do is to live our lives as though we are never going to die.


I know it may sound ridiculous to some small minded people but think about the possibilities of how we would live our lives with such a mentality, the nuances we would have in how we do things and how we impact each other as humans are endless and immensely infinite.

This mentality eliminates the fear of how others would perceive us or what other people will think when you follow your dreams or try to break the box of thought embedded in our minds by those that came before us. I like to call it FOPO (Fear of Other People’s Opinions). FOPO has been a killer of many dreams and goals.


Ideas have miserably fallen at the feet of FOPO. People telling you “No one in your family has ever done that”, “Who do you think you are?” , “You are just not good at that”. Well, I say bullshit to all that negativity and chose to grab life by the horns and get high on the positive thoughts that drive all good ideas to fruition.

Philosophers and psychologists have always disagreed on their different ideologies but have all at least agreed on one thing and that is that we are what we think about.

The life you are living, your surroundings are a merciless and exact mirror of your thoughts. ~Earl Nightingale.

Protecting your mind and being careful of what you allow yourself to think about is crucial to living a personally fulfilling life and when you are living a life that gives you happiness, that feeling is automatically transferred to how you deal with the people around you consequently bearing fruitful relationships, finances, and overall MEANINGFUL EXISTENCE

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