Emotional IQ and What Happens to Your Pockets When You Ignore It.

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Controlling human emotion has never been an easy thing to do. I don't care who you are or what you claim to be, controlling the emotions is an uphill task for all alike. Emotions are not like a dog which you just put on a leash when it gets rowdy. No way. It is much more complicated than that.


The lack of emotional intelligence has led to the collapse of many empires and kingdoms alike. The leaders of these entities let their emotions cloud their judgment. Decisions made under a state of mind of extreme emotions are ill-advised.

It is not wise to make decisions when you are angry or horny. Period! At this point, you are not in your right mind.

When it comes to your finances, disaster is around the corner if you chose this approach. When conducting business, leave your emotions at the door. Have you ever heard the common adage "It is just business, nothing personal"? Well, that's as real as it gets.

The critical decisions of life are meant to be logical. That entails allowing the facts of the matter influence your decisions vis-a-vis the emotional state of mind.

The higher the emotional intelligence of an individual, the greater the chances of making more money and keeping it. The people with high emotional intelligence have a high-risk tolerance and life being a risky venture, the people with this skill are highly rewarded.

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The reason I call it a skill is that just like any other skill, one can improve their emotional IQ with deliberate practice and intentional behavior. It also takes patience and determination to master the art of controlling your emotion; knowing how to channel your emotional energy into a massive reservoir of information and knowledge to inform you of your state of mind.

There are a plethora of emotions that influence how we live and interact with others. At times, it may seem like our lives are controlled by these emotions in the choices we make, the perceptions we have are all influenced by the emotions we are experiencing at that time.

Here is a brief overview of the basic types of emotion originally described by Dr. Paul Eckman include;

  • Happiness
    This is an emotion among the others that people tend to pursue the most. It is a pleasant emotion often characterized by feelings of joy, contentment, satisfaction, gratification, and well-being. It can be expressed through facial expression like smiling, laughing, body language such as a relaxed stance, a pleasantness in the tone of voice. Happiness is considered a basic emotion but the things we think create happiness are heavily influenced by our culture and the environment one grows in. The truth is things that create happiness are much more complex and unique to the individual. In other words, you create your own happiness. You are in the driving seat to your happiness.


  • Anger
    This is a powerful emotion often witnessed by feelings of hostility, agitation, and frustration. It is usually expressed through facial expression like frowning, body language such as turning away from someone, yelling or speaking in a
    rough tone of voice, aggressive behavior such as throwing objects, hitting or kicking.

    People often consider this a negative emotion but it can sometimes be a good thing in the right amount that is. It can motivate you to take action on what is bothering you and solving it can improve your life. In your relationships with others, it helps you see clearly your needs.

  • Sadness
    This emotion usually lasts for a short time often characterized by a feeling of disappointment, hopelessness, grief, and a dampened mood. It usually expressed through quietness, a dampened mood, crying, and isolation from others.

  • Fear
    This is another powerful emotion that plays a crucial role in the survival of our species. When faced with what you perceive as dangerous, the body enters into what is called the fight or flight response. The body responses with muscles becoming tense, the heart rate and breathing rate increase and your brain contemplates running away from the situation or stand and fight it.

    It is expressed through facial expressions like the widening of the eyes, attempting to flee or hide, and physiological signs like increased breathing rate and heart-beat rate and perspiration (sweating).

    Different people experience fear in different ways some people are more sensitive and certain conditions or objects can possibly trigger this emotion. One can reduce their fear of certain situations by actually facing them and exposing oneself to situations that induce this emotion.

    The interesting part is some people actually seek this emotion out and actually seem to thrive and enjoy feeling this way, for example, people in extreme sports and other thrills.

  • Disgust
    This feeling can be expressed by throwing up, turning away from the object of disgust, wrinkling the nose and curling the upper lip. This feeling is not only restricted to unpleasant smell, taste or sight but also can be experienced as moral disgust when one sees other people engaging in behavior they consider distasteful, evil or immoral.

  • Surprise
    This is another emotion that lasts a short time and is characterized by a physiological startled response. This is another emotion that can be negative, positive or neutral. The positive one can be reaching home to find that your friends organised a birthday party for you. The negative one can be someone jumping from behind a tree to scare you at night.

    This is another type of emotion that triggers the fight and fight response. The body produces adrenaline which prepares you to fight or flee the scene.

To know about the emotions you experience you can proceed here. The deeper your understanding of the emotions you experience, the better you get at controlling them.


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